Work packages

The usefulness of MSC regenerative therapy will be studied through the layers: Produce, Treat, Develop, Evaluate and Impact. The work packages are divided over these five layers as follows:

Produce: production of harmonized MSC product (WP2),

Treat: conduct a clinical trial (WP3).

Develop: Establish an immune profile and define a predictive biomarker signature (WP4).

Evaluate: Assessment of quality of life (WP5), cost-effectiveness (WP6), and ethical issues (WP7) of the study.

Impact: Create awareness of the study results among all stakeholders through dissemination and communication  (WP8).

work package integration











The RETHRIM project is geared around 8 Work Packages:

  1. Management and Coordination
  2. Production, validation and analysis of clinicial grade MSC
  3. Clinical Trial
  4. Immuno-monitoring and biomarker signature development
  5. Quality of Life
  6. Health Technology Assessment
  7. Ethical Considerations
  8. Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation